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Music: A Precious Gift of a Lifetime

When you give a child this wonderful gift of music, you are giving him something he can enjoy and share with others for many years, something that will last a lifetime. It is a gift that enriches his life and aids in developing his sensitivity, character and values.

Music is the language of the heart. When a child learns to express feelings through music, he is better able to overcome diversities of age, culture, ethnicity, social standing and such. He is able to communicate his feelings freely and easily with others. Imagine if all children could fill the world with music, what a peaceful and harmonious world this would be. Our world will be a much better place to live in.

Like the gifts we get for loved ones on special days, we make sure that our children’s music education will give them the utmost joy and pleasure. Throughout my career, I have always searched for better ways to teach music more effectively and to enrich a child’s musical experience more fruitfully. The search is never ending. By attending special courses, seminars and workshops, and by engaging in teachers’ associations such as ORMTA and SAO, I keep abreast with new techniques in pedagogy, new ideas and modern trends to enhance my teaching skills. I want always to be better at imparting knowledge and love of music

As I teacher, I interact with my students for many years, from an early age till they finish

high school and sometimes beyond. I am aware that I have considerable influence on their lives. My hope is that my interaction with them would be as enriching as possible and lasting in a way that they become more sensitive, more caring and happier individuals.

Each year I see a constant flow of very young kids start with piano. I watch them grow and transform into young adults. Being part of their growth is a source of pride and fulfillment for me.

I am filled with joy every time a student comes into my studio with happy smiles and twinkling eyes, saying "Guess what I can play for you today," or, "I've learned my new piece." I am so much elated to see my students' faces light up after a beautiful performances in festivals, assessments and competitions. I love to see them filled with satisfaction in having done well after playing even just a simple piece.

This year’s recital is a special day for me, as all previous recitals have been. I know that it is special for you as well. As they perform on stage we will witness their transformation from earlier years and realize that all our collective efforts have borne good fruit. Let’s celebrate our children and their music.

Lita Zagala

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